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iPhone 5 Release Date In Singapore

iPhone 5 Release Date In Singapore - Apple iPhone 5 is a new version of iPhone series and its features are very amazing. It is schedule to release in summer this year. It is corresponding with Apple’s tradiational June July models. Some people said that they were released date is October 2012.

The iPhone 4 has antenna problem and when new phone is introduce, another version of iPhone 5 will also be introduce with improvement.

Apple’s new iPhone 5 operating system is with in improve quality but will be enable to access the 4G network. It has highly fast processor of 1.5 GHz. It has improved battery time which has 14 hours of talk time on 3G and 7 hours on AG. It also has carriers other than AT and T. On WiFi video chat on 3G and 4G network is also available. This phone has quality to identify Radio Frequency. It is as simple as you can use your credit card. By using your iPhone you can get rid of waiting for your turn in long queue, you can do this by your wireless iPhone. It is the original technology that was introduce by Apple in which powerful RFID loop can be transformed into a circulatory iPhone touch screen. It provides huge inside storage that is 64 GB and in addition to this more storage is also available.

iPhone 5 has sleek and smart outlook and have shiny glass back. The screen is water and scratch proof/ GPS is built in and users can assign different tones with different email ids. There are very rumours against the dates of release in Singapore but may be it will be available in summer.

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