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Seven Facts About Google Maps Need to Know

7 Facts About Google Maps Need to Know - Not just a search engine, too many internet users are addicted to Google Maps. Yes, the digital map is so useful in an era like today.Through the desktop and mobile versions once, Google Map is not only present in the mapping of a region, but also help users to find their way to a location.Moreover, Google Maps was able to tell the state of traffic in an area, even imaging by land or air.

Many interesting things about Google Maps content expressed may need to know. What are they?

1. How much data is on Google Maps?

When combining satellite imagery from air and road surface, Google Maps has more than 20 petabytes of data, equal to about 21 million gigabytes, or about 20,500 terabytes.

This data revealed by Google in August 2012 then. Well, if you see a wide range of Google Maps, this number may increase in size and more.

2. How often the picture is updated?

Depending on the availability of data, aerial photographs, and satellite. Typically, the image is updated every two weeks or even be more.

Well, specifically images on Google Street View it is updated as soon as possible, although I can not disclose specific schedule, because of its dependence on factors such as the weather, the condition of the driver, and many other things.

3. How do Google sort through the content in Street View?

According to a spokesman for Google, users sometimes report a "strange or unpleasant moments" is captured in Google Maps, and usually in Street View.

After getting the report, Google's team worked quickly to review and take action if necessary.

Users can report the picture by clicking the "report a problem" at the bottom of the image, and these requests are regularly monitored and responded to by Google employees.

4. Is Google blurs faces every individual?

Google has the technology that will automatically make the face and license plate blurring to protect people's privacy on Street View, and users can even request additional blurring.

But specifically pencitraaan air, I did not do it because it is usually less detail and resolution are weak.

5. What satellites are used for imaging of the above?

Satellite imagery for both Google Maps and Google Earth come from a variety of sources and third parties.

Usually, the same information is available to anyone who purchased a license, both from the many, government, commercial licensing, and private sector sources.

6. What type of camera used for Street View?

Google Street View originally started with the camera lens with the image quality is low, but now the system is Street View camera has 15 lenses and can produce images with a resolution of approximately 65 megapixels.

When Street View is still in the experimental stage, Google team to pair multiple computers behind a car type SUV, including laser and GPS devices on the roof of the vehicle.

7. What if the car inaccessible location Street View?

In addition to a fleet of cars to Street View, Google employs trikes, trolleys, and snowmobile. Trikes duty to memoto in parks, streets, campuses, stadiums, and other areas that cars can not do

The Trolley, which looks like a cross between a robot and a boxy wagon, used to navigate the building interior and the door.

While snowmobile or snowmobile to capture images in a snowy field.

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