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Bali Horse Riding Adventure

Bali Horse Riding Adventure
Bali Horse Riding Adventure - If you are a person who likes adventure tourism in Bali or Bali adventure, you will surely find a lot on the island of gods. Ranging from Bali rafting adventure tours, riding elephants in Bali, Bali ATV ride and horse riding tour in Bali. On this page, we will specifically address the horse riding tour on the beach of Bali. Tourist activity is more commonly referred to by the name of Bali and horse riding almost every day, horse riding tourism activities in Bali is never empty. Largely carried out by foreign tourists. And what about the domestic tourists? For domestic travelers, horse riding activities will be carried out during the busy school holidays and Lebaran holiday season. In addition, the latest tourist attractions in Bali will always be busy getting kunjugan of domestic tourists.

Horse Riding Holidays in Bali

For those who are often on holiday in Bali, of course, definitely want a new experience in travel. Horse riding tour in Bali will certainly provide a different experience and atmosphere. Exploring nature with a rustic atmosphere with a view of the expanse of persawahaan, stroll down the beach will be a very memorable experience when your holiday. The location of this horse riding tour, located on Saba Beach Gianyar regency. If you depart from the tourist area of ​​Kuta beach, will take time for 45 minutes with a mileage of 30 kilometers.

Before tourists ride horses tourist activities in Bali, the clerk will give you an explanation on how to ride a horse, safety procedures and the safety of the guide. For the first ride a horse, of course, there will be fear to ride a horse. Inform the guide that you do not have experience in the horse up. Your guide will be happy to choose the most easily controlled horses for beginners and will always stand beside you during the ride a horse side.

Want to try a horse riding tour in Bali, Bali Saba horse ridding on the beach for 2 hours? Get price here! Includes lunch and shuttle.

Once everything is ready, you will be in between tour guides start to ride horses on the beach of Saba. By tracing the Saba beach that has black sand, you will feel a different sensation to ride a horse on the street. Besides melihaat view of the beach, on the coast of Saba there are many traditional boats of the local population which will create different views of the beach impressed.

Once past the beach, the guide will take you through the rice fields, past the bamboo plantation and land area filled with reeds. Of course, after you finish up the horse for 2 hours, hunger and thirst will inevitably arise. In Lorin Boutiques Resort, will be available foods and beverages that you can enjoy.

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